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A professional musician by night, Allan joined HDA in 1996 as a part-time project specialist. From 1996-2000 his responsibilities ranged far, including the development of special projects for special clients, IT duties, project management, assisting Sherry Hayslip Smith, and developing administrative procedures and company policies. In 1999 Allan became President of Eveready Services, Inc., a specialized delivery/ installation/ warehousing service that caters to interior design firms like HDA and their clients, and continued his role as a consultant to HDA in areas concerning policies, procedures, personnel, business development, and special projects.  A graduate of Sarah Lawrence College (Bronxville, NY) with emphasis on film, music and political science, Allan did graduate work at the University of North Texas in film, eventually producing a documentary that was shown on several regional PBS stations. In addition to his duties at HDA and Eveready, Allan continues to compose, perform, and record music on a professional basis and has contributed to several locally produced documentary films.

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