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An Inside Look: Sherry's Purse

As our first feature in our new series of "An Inside Look", we thought it was only fair to expose the 'Boss Lady' herself, Sherry Hayslip.

A woman's purse is her most intimate and prized possession. It is a third arm if you will. We trust our purse to carry those items that we literally cannot leave the house without. Items that an interior designer cannot part without is quite different than those that work in other industries. Interested to see what they are? So are we. Here we go ... 

1. Of course we have to start with the purse itself. Though she transfers items into various bags depending on the day or occasion, her everyday go-to bag is a Louis Vuitton Black Leather Epi Tote. 

2. Tory Burch Sunglasses. She always has to protect those eyes. After all - her [creative] 'vision' is her business. 

3. Dark Chocolate Rasberry Godiva. Guilty pleasure. 

4. Red note pad for taking notes at off-site meetings.

5. An old photograph of her son as a child dressed up as cowboy. How cute is he? 

6. A YSL blush palette for a little mid-day touch up on the go. (Click to Shop)

7. Voluminous Brosse Courbee Mascara. Can't leave the house without it. (Click to Shop)

8. Eclipse Glasses from George Cameron Nash's Eclipse Watching Party in 2017. Sherry just wants to be prepared for the next eclipse in 2024. 

9. Phillip Jefferey Mints, because a fresh breath is always important. 

10.  Cartier Dragonfly Stationary Card 

11. Sterling silver pill case. Leave it to Sherry to even carry her medicine in a chic fashion 

12. A single earring. I think every girl has experienced the pain of losing just one earring. It's the worst. 

13. Ferguson handheld fan. This is crucial for those summer installations 

14. A pen from her recent visit to Cliveden with the Leaders of Design Council. 

15. Readers and a cleaning cloth 

16. Fabric samples for a current project she is working on 

17. Bobbi Brown Lipstick, Color: Baby Peach (Click to Shop)

18. Burt's Bees Chapstick

19. Dior Lipstick, Color: Rosewood (Click to Shop)

20. Neutrogena Moisture Smooth Color Stick, Color: Pink Nude (Click to Shop)

(Looks like you can never have too many lipsticks in one's purse)

21. A tape measure. This is crucial for any interior designer to have with her at all times! 

22. Miniature Tom Ford Perfume tester 

23. iPhone 6S decorated with a cracked screen 

24. A Maison&Objet Paris Badge from a recent shopping trip 

25. Diet Snapple Singles to Go! Sherry is obsessed with her Diet Snapple. You won't see her without one in her hand. 

26. Euros ... because you just never know when you might find yourself in Paris.

27. Rose Gold Apple Watch

28. Oh wait, another single earring. We feel your pain, Sherry! 

And there you have it! 'An Inside Look' into Sherry Hayslip's purse. Stay tuned for more upcoming post in this series.

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