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Featured Artist: Cap Pannell

Cap Pannell, designer, illustrator and painter for over 35 years, has produced award-winning art for a diverse clientele such asthe Museum of Natural History, The Dallas Morning News, Newsweek, Southern Methodist University, University of Notre Dame, University of Texas, United States Postal Service and many more. He specializes in both oil on canvas and a multi-media printmaking technique with an interest in still lifes, expressive realism and conceptual pieces. 

For years now, I have filled various spaces with Pannell’s serene and capturing artwork – including my very own boutique. I recently arranged six one-of-a-kind cloudscape pieces on the stairwell leading to my office. There is something magical about these cloudscapes pieces to me – they captivate me. They make the daunting, sometimes dangerous (if you are familiar with my relationship with stairs) trip up to my office a moment of clarity. It’s almost like the calm before the storm if you will - the storm that is my crazy, rambunctious design office. 

Cap has not only been a prominent artist in my designs, but he is also a dear friend. It is a privilege to have in my life personally and professionally. 

*You can purchase these one-of-a-kind painting in our boutique

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