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Hayslip Design does Crystal Charity Ball

Loyal readers may recall that  we were invited to design a vignette for the 2012 Crystal Charity Ball.  The theme for that event was Le Grand Bal Parisien and it was an  evening to remember.

We were charged with creating a  vignette to convey the wealth of jewels that were available as part of the  silent auction.  To that end Sherry  envisioned an intrigue dangereux set  in a gilded boiserie chamber dripping with gems and replete with a beautiful  live model who was the personification of l’ingenue  dangereaux.

To create the feel of a French  salon in a 3’ x 8’ space (think elevator sized) Sherry collaborated first with  her husband, architect Cole Smith, and then with her talented brother, Michael  Stallings to create a paneled space with gilded plaster moldings appropriate to  the aesthetic.

A big, fabulous painting was  added to be the focal point of the window.  Sherry wanted something that conveyed beauty with an undeniable element  of “something else”.  She found it in the  form of a piece by Deborah Oropallo at the David Sutherland showroom in the  Dallas Design Center.  

The chandelier was found in a  local antique store and redressed and embellished by assistant designer,  Stephanie Wiggins, who, under Sherry’s guidance, added an abundance of amethyst  and topaz crystals.  The finished piece  dripped bejeweled glamour.

Since the space was so small we  had to keep accessories to a minimum.  Sherry’s daughter, Peyton Hayslip, owner of Peyton Hayslip Beadworks,  designed and fabricated an amazing jeweled table. 

In addition to the table, we  incorporated an acrylic candelabrum and had tiny shades made, by our friend Linda at  Cele Johnson, with custom trim and antique tiaras found by Sherry and Peyton in  the Paris flea markets. 

On the table we scattered various gems, a crystal skull holding a clutch of roses, and a digital frame  flashing through images of the jewelry contributed by various local jewelers to  the ball’s Silent Auction.  The digital  frame was simply something we picked up at Office Depot, but that was certainly  not befitting the beauty of our space, so Sherry worked with a local plaster  artisan to create the perfect French-inspired frame.  

No detail was left untouched.

David Alexandre, whom Sherry  met through her son, Allan Hayslip, found us a wonderful live model named Bondi  Holly.  With David’s help, Sherry turned  her into a 17th century French courtesan attired in a custom, hand  beaded gown. 

With the assistance of so many, we were able to bring to life a vignette that expressed bejeweled romance,  beauty, lavishness, and luxury tinged with a subtle element of the modern. 

And it was a hit amongst ball  attendees (not this grungy group)!

But that was last year…

This year the talents at  Crystal Charity Ball envisioned an evening that evoked the glamour of Magnificent  Manhattan.  Somewhat Gatsby, with  sweeping vistas of gleaming skyscrapers, and high-kicking Rockettes.

Crooner Hunter Sullivan and his  ensemble provided some of the entertainment.

And, again, we were asked to  bring to life one of the silent auction categories.  This time “Lifestyle” was our mission, and  yet again Sherry hit a home run with her amazing vision.

It all began with the plan…

First, Sherry had the vision  then her ideas became reality as we acquired the elements from various  resources.  Pre-eminent among those  resources this year was Decorators Supply out of Chicago.  We’ve used their products for years and they  graciously helped us achieve our vision  under  a very tight deadline (this was for charity after all).

Once the various molding  details from Decorators Supply were received Michael Stallings and his team  went to work gilding with silver and gold metal leaf.

The mirror, the dominant  feature on the back wall, in progress.

A finished panel, ready for  installation.

It’s incredible how the addition of the metal leaf, in the combination of silver and gold, makes the Art Deco aesthetic really sing.

The day of the installation  happened to coincide with the worst ice storm in more than 30 years.  Dallas was at a virtual standstill with whole  neighborhoods without power and freeways sheathed in ice.  But we were undaunted.

The Eveready Services team was  there, led by Klif and Wes.

Simon Romero, our master  electrician, made sure our original art deco chandelier and sconces, loaned to  us through the incredible generosity of the gentlemen at Deco-dence, here in Dallas, were installed perfectly.

Peter Day, Michael’s associate, was instrumental in the success of our project…

And Sherry and her brother  Michael shared the love.

It was amazing how quickly  things came together.

The chandelier is suspended  from a silver leafed ceiling adorned with a sunburst medallion.  

Here’s a picture with a little  softer lighting so you can see the beautiful detailing in the frosted glass  shades.

The sconces, highly coveted from the late 1920's to early 1930's, signed Edward F. Caldwell, in gilt and polished nickel with original frosted and etched glass panels, were installed perfectly against a mirrored backdrop.

This picture is a bit on the  dark side to highlight the beautiful etching on the glass shades.

Other elements in the space  included a pair of found brackets that were hand-painted to mimic marble and  topped with sleek black shelves…

which made the perfect perch  for flowers from our friends at the Garden Gate.

An incredible gold leafed faux  fireplace mantle…

and a classically Art Deco bar  cart made specifically for this project by the artisans at Deco-dence…

and another tribute to the  excesses of the jazz age, a curvaceous nymph ash stand…

But for the second year, the  thing that really took the vignette to the next level was the inclusion of a  live model.  Again, we relied on David  Alexandre and his talented model, Bondi Holly, to bring life to our stunning  space.

And the vignette completely  finished…

We want to thank the wonderful  group at the Crystal Charity Ball, including this year’s chair, Caren Kline, event  planner Tom Addis, and floral designer Junior Villanueva for the opportunity to  participate and design another vignette for their premiere event.  Since 1952 the Crystal Charity Ball has  provided aid, support, and contributions to children’s charities in Dallas  County.  In the years since its inception  the Crystal Charity Ball has given more than $105 million to very  grateful organizations.  

It is our pleasure to be  involved with this wonderful organization and we hope to continue to support  their efforts in the future.

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