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The Best Travel Accessories For Summer Travelers

Summer is always a busy travel time, whether for work, leisure, weddings, visiting friends or just searching for adventure. Even as fairly experienced travelers, we still learn something new everytime we venture out somewhere.

"I should've brought this!"

"Why did I waste space with that?"

"I'm so uncomfortable in this."

"Excuse me, do you have a map?"

These are all phrases that we have all said or heard during trips, am I right?

So, this summer - we are going to Austria for a friends wedding. Naturally, we have researched the weather, the best restaurants, favorite tourist spots, favorite local spots, the do's and dont's of the culture, and more. But before we can think about the fun we will be having there - we have to first get past the dreaded packing stage.

The very first thing you need to think about is your luggage. We always suggest packing in a carry-on if you are able to do so. Summer time is usually easier to do this because you're not worrying about large coats or heavy winter items. Carry-on luggage is great, especially for Europe, because it makes the trains easier to navigate and it will save you a few bucks on checking your back in the airport.

We suggest looking into the CAPLAK Ambeur 20-inch Rolling Spinner Carry-On

This suitcase is extremely lightweight with a hard shell and a set of four multidirectional spinner wheels for effortless airport navigation. The zippered divider creates two separate packing compartments, and an expansion sleeve unzips to increase the packing capacity. Not to mention - it comes in this stunning rose color.

Okay, so now you're on the plane. Your awesome rose colored carry-on fit perfectly in the overhead compartment, and now you just want to put on your music and fall asleep. Everybody is a different "plane sleeper." Some like to lean against the window, others try to prop their head on their hand. Whichever way you sleep, you are still most likely a "bobble head" sleeper. You're almost in a deep (or as deep as you can get on a plane) sleep and your head falls forward and wakes you up. In comes the GOSLEEP Travel Pillow. This is a little funny looking, but who cares!

This sleep mask and memory foam pillow keeps your head from bobbing and provides support for your neck. Not to mention, it is extremely lightweight and easy to pack, unlike those huge neck pillows that never stay on your suitcase handle like they are supposed to.

Okay, now you're off the plane and in a new exciting location! But wait, you have plane hair now. You know, when the back of your hair is flat from your seat and is just overall dingy? We always travel with Eva NYC Travel Freshen Up Dry Shampoo.

It is compact, inexpensive and gives you the volume and freshness that your hair needs after stepping off a plane.

While we are on the topic of making our hair look its best - packing your hair tools can take up a tremendous amount of space in your bag. Luckily, Chi has created a Glam on the Go Travel Kit.

This small, compact kit includes a Chi travel dryer, 1" iron, sectioning clips, brush and keratin silk infusion. This is seriously the best purchase for those who need to style their hair during their vacation while still saving room in your suitcase for other items.

The next crucial thing to think about is your adapter. Nothing is worse than being in a foreign country without any means to charge your phone, ipad, etc. It has happened to us multiple times where we pack the incorrect country adapter and end up having to purchase one in a local store for twice as much as Amazon would have sold it. For this reason, we highly suggest purchasing the Travel Smart by Conair All-in-One Adapter with USB Port. This particular adapter allows you to plug in multiple accessories at one time and even provides a USB port for you computer.

Now you get to your hotel, AirBnB or wherever it is you might be staying, and start unpacking your bag. Everything has a fold crease on it!! No worries. Because you have packed your travel steamer, right? The Rowenta Xcel Steam Travel is key for those silky dresses or light weight tops that you may have packed. This item is also ON SALE at William Sonoma Right now for a limited time (just FYI)!

We will definitely be packing this one for our Austria trip because who wants to show up to a wedding with a wrinkled dress?

You now have our 6 favorite essential travel items. Of course there is so much more that goes into packing and so many more items that you will need for your trip. So we have put together a few more of our favorite travel pieces for you below:

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