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Turn Your Home into a Star

A week or so ago, our friend Candy Evans posted an article on her website, Candy’sDirt.comabout potential filming locations for the soon-to-be-revived series, Dallas.  You remember… the 80’s phenom that painted our fair city as the home of all things big oil, big hair, and big money. 

Well, it was great to read her idea of filming at 5323 Park Lane (address of a wondrous estate Cole and I collaborated on some years ago).  That home is a beautiful English country estate with amazing grounds.  

As Candy mentions, it features a racquetball court, exercise room and locker rooms adjacent a near Olympic-sized natatorium… a bowling alley, wine cellar with tasting room, and a conservatory overlooking interlocking Koi ponds… 

as well as tennis courts, baseball diamond and a private lake.  

It’s hard to imagine major drama happening there, as that address will always signify great love, warmth and family joy, for me.  I have a hard time visualizing any cat fights with women wildly pulling each other’s hair and falling into the koi pond.  

Though now that I think of it, that could be absolutely hysterical!!!

Thanks for the mental picture, Candy!



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