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What I am Thankful For...

In the spirit of the season, we want to share with you what we are truly thankful for…

Sherry Hayslip

  • I am thankful that I have had just enough pain  and hardship to give me the sense to savor and cherish all the good things that  encompass my life.  My husband exceeds  every dream for a happy marriage I ever had; we have a dear home, dear friends,  a talented and very interesting combined family that we appreciate and  love.  We are lucky to live in Dallas,  near our work, and near so many interesting places and things to do.  Life is full.   Life is precious, more every day.

  • At work, I am constantly amazed by and  appreciative of the all the people I work with.  Without exception they are loyal, intelligent, positive, creative,  dedicated, funny, patient with me, and inspiring and comforting to be  with.  Thank you each and every person.  And I am thankful for the many wonderful  clients that give us all an opportunity to create so much beauty and happiness in the world.

  • I look forward to our annual Thanksgiving dinner  in all its glory and especially the special dishes that everyone brings to our  office get together (yes, I am talking to you, Bree! :))  I appreciate the hard work that everyone does  to make it happen and the good nature that everyone brings to insure our  combined work families have a chance to share in this special event every year. 

 Bree Hyatt

  • I’m  grateful to be surrounded by a circle of healthy, happy family, friends, and my sweet guy who love me unconditionally and continue to encourage and inspire me  to be better.

  • I’m  thankful for the friends I’ve made and the many unique experiences presented to  me working here at HDA.

  • I’m  happy to be fat and full on my mom’s cornbread dressing and homemade pumpkin  pie every Thanksgiving.

Tabatha Hamm

  • I  am thankful for my family and close friends.

  • I  am thankful for the wonderful people that I work with.  

  • I  am thankful for the turkey on thanksgiving. I enjoy learning how to cook this  bird different every year.  

Amanda Hill

  •  I  am thankful for my health. I am so happy to be pregnant with a healthy little  baby boy on the way.

  •  I  am thankful for my sweet husband who loves me unconditionally. I do not know  where I would be today without his guidance, love and support.

  •  I  am thankful for all the true friends and family God has placed in my life. Life  would not be the same without their love, laughter, and presence.

Jessie Stegemoller

  •   I  am thankful for my wonderful family and friends.

  •  I  am thankful for a job that I enjoy.

  •  I  am thankful for this time of the year to be able to indulge in tasty holiday   foods, especially the stuffing!

Stephanie Wiggins

  • I’m thankful I have the best mom in the entire  universe/multi-universe.

  • I’m thankful that I have the most fantastically  awesome 4-legged son, Xander, and his little sister, Molly Jane.  

  • I’m thankful that God created the cocoa bean and   tomatoes because life without chocolate and pizza, would be NO life at all.

 Peyton Hayskip

  •  I’m thankful for my sweet daughters, my  hysterical dog, and my complicated family.  All of these things keep me on   my toes… and when they aren’t aging me prematurely, they are keeping me young.

  •  It would be impossible not to be thankful for  the ability to work for the family companies… not only do I have the best  commute in town, I am able to work with people I sincerely like every day.

  • My grandmother’s cheese grits is the logical  answer to what am I most thankful to eat during the holidays… but since we also   have that at Christmas, I’ll be more Thanksgiving meal specific. One of the   things I grew up eating on Thanksgiving is cranberry jelly.  The   preparation of this dish is very important.  I am thankful that my   grandmother taught me how to prepare it perfectly every time. Carefully slide  the cranberry jelly out of the can and onto a crystal dish. It should retain   its can-like shape. Slice the jelly into precise beet-like circles using the  indents of the can as a guide. It’s important that each end of the dish still  resemble the can top and bottom. And, voila, the perfect Thanksgiving side dish!  

Angela Petit-Burns

  • I’m most thankful for my sweet husband and gifted children, my parents  and my extended family whom I  love very much

  • I’m thankful for a job that allows me to contribute creatively even  though I’m not a designer

  • I’m thankful EVERY YEAR for pumpkin pie – I know you can eat it any time, but it’s kind of like Candy Corn for me (which I only eat between October 1 and 31)… it never tastes better than on Thanksgiving

Melissa Alamilla

  • I am extremely thankful for such a supportive  family. I receive unconditional love every day.  

  • I am thankful for my coworkers who help me every time I have questions. 

  • Even though I won't be having a Thanksgiving  meal this year, I am thankful for mashed potatoes... My favorite! 

Bryn Hathaway

  • I’m incredibly thankful for my family’s ability   to remain so close emotionally considering the physical distance between each   of us. They are my rock and I would never be where I am today without their  constant support and love!

  • I’m thankful for all of the wonderful women I  have the privilege of working with. I have never been part of a work  environment filled with so many creative, supportive and caring people. I feel   blessed to be part of the Hayslip Design family.

  • I am always VERY thankful for buttermilk pie on Turkey Day! It has been a tradition in my family to make (and completely devour) at least one buttermilk pie for Thanksgiving since I can remember. YUM!   



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